I am running for Minnesota State Senate in District 63 as a Republican, to help the hardworking taxpayers of Minnesota create better lives for themselves and their families. My top issues are:

Public Safety

Addressing the root causes of the crime that hurt everyone (including the perpetrators).



Creating educational systems that foster the innate wonder and curiosity we’re all born with, while providing the knowledge necessary to become productive, contributing members of society who make us all better as a whole.


Economic Opportunities

Removing regulatory barriers to businesses in order to increase economic opportunities, resulting in stronger families and communities.


Government Waste

Eliminating the inefficiencies and redundancies in government that result in the waste of our hard-earned tax dollars.


These things are not separate. They are woven into who we are as humans. When we get these basic things right, we make the world a better place for all of us, no matter our differences in faith, race, color, sex, sexual orientation or economic status​.

One of the greatest documents ever written states that we ALL have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is what I want for you. That is what I want for me. That is what I want for everyone. I am asking for your support to help me achieve this — for you, for us.

©2020 Citizens for Diane Napper