Public Safety

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Every Minnesotan deserves to feel safe in their community and the communities they travel through and to for work, recreation and entertainment. I support directing state resources to the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crime, as well as holding criminals accountable.

The events of this spring and summer in Minneapolis have called the function of law enforcement into sharp question, and there is no doubt that reform is needed. However, defunding or abolishing the police is not an option, and I will oppose all radical calls for that action, as it will make our communities less safe. Most citizens feel safer when they see police officers on the streets, as they know their presence often deters crime.  

We also need to address the root causes of crime, so I support: 

  • Encouraging and supporting strong families, 

  • Fixing our broken mental health and addiction system, 

  • Ensuring that our public schools are competitive by allowing for more school choice 

  • Fostering a strong economy by eliminating burdensome taxes and regulations, so that there are more economic opportunities for people





Every child deserves an education focused on excellence, regardless of their needs, abilities, talents, interests or ZIP code. I fully support providing more school choice so parents can determine the best option for their child. This means allowing state funding to follow the child, resulting in improved and more competitive public schools.

In addition, local school administrators should have flexibility with teacher tenure to ensure the best teachers are educating our children.

Economic Opportunities

One of the leading causes of crime and poverty is lack of economic opportunities available. Burdensome taxes and regulations impede small businesses from either starting up or expanding. Businesses provide jobs, and jobs strengthen families and communities. I support eliminating oppressive mandates, while being mindful of the unintended consequences when creating new mandates. Reducing taxes in the state will also help attract larger businesses and keep additional existing ones from fleeing.

Government Waste/Fraud


We Minnesotans work hard for our money and deserve to have our tax dollars spent wisely and efficiently. This means reforms to existing programs and following the money to find out where it's going. Between the 2019 -2020 legislative session, the state discovered more than $79 million in tax fraud and waste at the Department of Human Services, alone. I support a full audit of the DHS to root out the gross fraud and waste within that agency.